GermanZero will deliver a 1.5°C legislative package and a comprehensive package of climate-protection measures.
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The GermanZero Mission

Our mission is to achieve a climate-neutral Germany by 2035 at the latest.

We will deliver a 1.5°C legislative package, including a CO2 tax reform, and a comprehensive package of climate-protection measures, which are to be anchored in Germany’s Basic Law. Is climate protection a job for professionals? We are building this reputation and, together with thousands of taxpayers, are increasing the necessary pressure to ensure that in 2022 the 1.5°C legislative package is passed with a 2/3 majority in the Bundestag. This will be the last chance to turn the tide.

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Our job

We must act now to prevent the worst from happening. We will not allow our prosperity and the future of our children to be destroyed.

Unfortunately, we cannot expect the current Federal Government and Members of Parliament to suddenly take the 1.5°C target seriously and adopt a binding policy that will achieve climate neutrality by 2035. Even the manageable target of a 40% reduction of carbon emissions by 2020 was simply dropped because it hadn’t been achieved. Some cosmetic corrections have been made, but there are no signs of the necessary transformation.

The climate crisis is not waiting for us. And we are not waiting any longer. Instead, we will now take it into our own hands to produce the 1.5°C legislative package. Otherwise, no one will. If a consistent climate-protection course is not decided by the newly to be elected Bundestag in 2022 at the latest, it will certainly be too late in 2025. The impacts of the climate crisis will then be catastrophic and irreversible.

For decades now, thousands of citizens, hundreds of associations and societies have been working to prevent the destruction of our planet and thus of our livelihoods. Recently, the Hambacher Forst Movement, Fridays for Future, and Extinction Rebellion have been added. They deserve our thanks and respect.

But an additional force is needed that will unlock a new vehemence, win over the majority of the population to give one last try, and thus give policymakers the support and encouragement they need to make the right decision. We are that force. What we are now pushing is democracy from the ground in its purest form. As citizens, we will design the 1.5°C legislative package ourselves. We will help the parties and politicians fulfill their commitment to the 1.5°C. We will convince every member of the Bundestag to take responsibility for our future and to vote for the 1.5°C law.

If we don’t involve politicians and the media in the discussion now, and persuade them with convincing arguments, our children and grandchildren will ask us three decades down the road: Why didn't you act with all the means you had before it was too late?

Become part of this new movement and help us, support us as a volunteer with your time and your skills, with a financial donation, or as a multiplier.

Our 1.5°C Package

A 1.5°C law states clear conditions: for or against the future of our children, for or against the preservation of our civilization, for or against climate protection.

The legislative package contains three components:

1. Climate neutrality as national goal

Climate neutrality must be enshrined as a fundamental right in the first 20 articles of the Basic Law. No other law and no state action may contravene this fundamental right.

2. Fossil Fuel Taxes

Change course with taxes: higher prices for oil, gas and coal will make our purchasing decisions easier, because climate-friendly will be less expensive, climate-damaging more expensive. The economy, too, will automatically switch to clean production and products, whereas climate-damaging items will be left on the shelf. Innovative technologies and solutions will boom, and the right investments will ensure new prosperity.

The revenues generated by a CO2 tax also act as an important lever to achieve climate neutrality. They can be used to finance transformation in key areas like transport, energy, and agriculture. Any social disadvantages must be offset. Fair and just climate protection for all must be guaranteed. Changes in mobility behaviour, energy consumption, and consumption in general will result.

Finally, effective CO2 pricing will help Germany reclaim its role as leading export economy and global advocate for a new, climate-neutral prosperity. Germany as a democracy with its strong civil society has the best conditions for action. As the fourth-largest economy in the world, Germany has both the opportunity and the obligation to act. If Germany sets the example, others around the world will follow.

3. Climate Law

To be able to transition to a climate-neutral economy and society, we need a comprehensive legislative package which, for example, regulates sustainable mobility in urban, peri-urban, and rural areas, a complete transformation of the energy sector with a phase-out of coal by 2035 at the latest, and subsidies for carbon-free heating systems, and numerous other measures.

We will draft this law ourselves – with the help of Citizens. We will identify stakeholders for each sector who are affected by action and non-action. They will discuss ways of transformation for their sector, adopt the perspective of others and thus develop both the willingness to accept change and the concrete measures to be implemented. These are then translated into legislative changes by legal experts. The result is a major climate law that quickly, effectively and fairly realigns a large number of regulatory areas.

Who we are

Since August 2019, over 150 people have been volunteering to make the 1.5°C law reality. The goal is to build a powerful, professional campaign supported by thousands of committed citizens in a short period of time. GermanZero was initiated by Heinrich Strößenreuther, who started the traffic transition in Berlin from the ground up and triggered a nationwide wave of municipal bicycle laws. Meanwhile, in addition to a number of TV, musicians, and sport celebrities, many multipliers from science and NGOs are supporting the initiative.

GermanZero can use any help - including yours! We are actively looking for supporters to help as volunteers or contribute financially. Any amount is appreciated. This plan will only succeed if we raise at least 16 million euros - a fraction of the cost of parties paid for advertising in the last Bundestag election or the millions spent on PR agencies. We managed to raise the first half million in a single evening in October 2019. If you, too, are convinced that we have to act now to make sure Germany doesn’t miss its last chance to embark on an effective climate-neutrality pathway in 2022 - then contact us or donate via

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